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Insurance Claims

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A Full and Final Release of (Almost) All Claims

Posted by Joseph G. Cleaver
Joseph G. Cleaver
As a trial associate at Kramer & Connolly, Mr. Cleaver briefed and argued motions and tried cases throughout M...
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on October 22, 2012
in Insurance Claims

According to the Maryland Court of Special Appeals, an injured party’s execution of a Release of all claims may not bar a subsequent claim for underinsured motorist benefits against her own insurance company.

Assumption of the Risk and Contributory Negligence: Separate and Distinct Defenses in Personal Injury Actions

Posted by James M. Connolly
James M. Connolly
Jim Connolly has applied his understanding of complex litigation, insurance claims and real estate transaction...
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on October 9, 2012
in Insurance Claims

Where evidence exists to generate both defenses, a jury must have the opportunity on a verdict sheet to consider these separate and distinct defenses.