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Is a Skateboarder a Pedestrian or a Driver?

In Maryland, the answer to this question begins with another question: Is the skateboard a vehicle?

Under Maryland law, a “pedestrian” is “an individual afoot.”  Md. Code Ann., Transp. § 11-145.   A “driver”  means “any individual who drives a vehicle.”  Id. § 11-115.

In Woolridge v. Price, 184 Md. App. 451 (2009), a 44 year old man had been riding a skateboard down the driveway of one home, across the street, and into the driveway of another home.  While entering the roadway at a rapid speed and in a crouched position, the skateboarder was struck and killed by a car.  In the wrongful death action that followed, a key issue was whether the decedent was a pedestrian or a driver.

The Court began its discussion by looking at the legal definition of a vehicle – “any device in, on, or by which any individual or property might be transported or towed on a highway.”  Md. Code Ann., Transp. § 11-176(a)(1).  The Court noted that “vehicle” included “low speed vehicle.”  Finding that the skateboard was a “vehicle” on which a person might be transported, the Court held that the skateboarder was a “driver.”  Why?  Because the decedent was driving or operating the skateboard at the time of the accident.

The Court’s decision in Woolridge comports with other Maryland cases which distinguish between a person on foot and a person on or in a vehicle.  A motorcyclist who got off his motorcycle and pushed his motorcycle across a highway was found to be a pedestrian.  Dmeski v. Atlantic Refining Co., 202 Md. 562 (1953).   A person pushing a disabled car onto a roadway was also found to be a pedestrian.  Braswell v. Burrus, 13 Md. App. 513 (1971).   By contrast, a snow sled with a child on it was held to be a vehicle.  Moon v. Weeks, 25 Md. App. 322 (1975).  So, too, was a bicycle ridden by a young boy.  Richards v. Goff, 26 Md. App. 344 (1975).

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