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Using Facebook Judiciously

When you become a judge, must you give up your "friends"?

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Lawyers: An Endangered Species?

They may not engender much sympathy.  But, under the pressures of law practice and client grievances, many lawyers have become an endangered species.

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Relevance of Doctor's Credentials (or lack thereof) in Malpractice Action

According to a recent court decision, a doctor's medical credentials may be relevant when he's on the witness stand -- but not when he's been sued for malpractice?

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Court of Appeals Allows Maryland Dream Act Referendum to Proceed

Affirming the decision of Judge Ronald Silkworth of the Circuit Court for Anne Arundel County, Maryland’s highest Court ordered yesterday that the Maryland Dream Act should proceed to referendum in November.

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Court of Appeals Considers Challenge to the Maryland Dream Act

Before voters can decide the fate of Maryland's Dream Act, the Court of Appeals must decide whether voters can decide in the first place.

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