Step 1: Where to Sue

Step 1: Where to Sue?Step 1: Where to Sue?

You don't need three years of law school to know that there are many different courts with many different functions. But what's the right court for your case?

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Step 2: Filing Suit

Step 2: Filing SuitStep 2: Filing Suit

What exactly is a "lawsuit"? Learn more about the legal paper that must be filed at the start of the civil litigation process.

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Step 5: Discovery

Step 5: DiscoveryStep 5: Discovery

As its name suggests, discovery is the investigative phase of litigation. How can we use it to avoid unpleasant surprises at trial?

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Step 6: Pretrial Motions

Step 6: Pretrial MotionsStep 6: Pretrial Motions

Just because a lawsuit has been filed, that does not mean that the case will ultimately go to trial. Much can happen en route to the courthouse.

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Step 8: Post-Trial Motions

Step 8: Post-Trial MotionsStep 8: Post-Trial Motions

If you lose at trial, that doesn't always mean that your case is over. There may be things you can do to grab a victory from the jaws of defeat.

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